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The Facts and Myths About Assisted Living Facilities There are a number of senior care options that will not only benefit the family but most especially their beloved senior. One of them will have to be assisted living facilities. However, if you talk about assisted living facilities, there are a number of families that have preconceived notions about such an option. The media is the culprit for these common myths, and most of them just focus on the negative stories when in fact these are only being experienced by the minority of seniors. As you read this article, you will learn what the common myths about assisted living facilities are and the truth behind them. In addition, this article will enable you to open your eyes and mind more about the many benefits with assisted living facilities. Myth #1: ‘Assisted living facility’ is really just a nursing home that has been given a new terminology. The above myth is what ranks number one in the misconceptions of people. When it comes to assisted living facilities, its main goal is to make sure that the current needs of the modern society is being catered to. With assisted living facilities, seniors are encouraged to live as independently as possible making them live longer much longer lives. In most countries, adult children have been shown to be struggling with two major household responsibilities: the first one raising their kids, and the second one meeting their aging parents’ needs. Within the past twenty years, professionals that deal with senior care have understood how important it is for the elderly to live in an environment of care as well as active lifestyle. As a consequence, the elderly will feel more secure knowing that assistance is always ascertained so they can just enjoy a number of activities and even live without depending on anyone in their own apartment without having the feeling anymore that they have become a burden to their family. Compared with nursing homes that focus more on expert medical therapies and care, assisted living facilities encourage independence on the part of the elderly when it comes to activities of daily living.
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Myth #2: Assisted living facilities will not be accepting seniors who are suffering from urinary incontinence and those using wheelchairs.
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Even if the elderly in assisted living facilities are encouraged to be independent in being mobile, this does not mean that those in wheelchairs are not allowed. Nevertheless, such seniors must have the capability to transfer from their wheelchairs to a chair or bed with the aid of only one person. Those who cannot bear their weight or need the aid of at least two people are not indicated to live in assisted living facilities because the licensing of such facility does not cover this. With the elderly suffering form urinary incontinence, they are also accepted in the family just as long as their condition is manageable with a toileting schedule, reminders on a regular basis, and incontinence products.