Smart Ideas: Fitness Revisited

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Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is one of the best workouts that can benefit your body. Being a combination of cardio and strength training, it can burn off your fats while toning your muscles at once. And that’s not all. Kickboxing is quite popular for producing visible results fast.

If there’s something that makes kickboxing different from other cardio exercises, it’s that it’s so much fun. Try it and you won’t notice that your one-hour workout is up. Of course, we all know that there’s more kickboxing than the fun. This workout comes with real solid benefits, such as:

Complete Body Toning

Yes, every single part of your body benefits from kickboxing in terms of muscle toning – legs, arms, core, name it. According to a study, participants showed significant improvements in speed, agility and muscle power just after five weeks of regular training. It’s a lot like swimming, a classic full-body workout. If you’ve ever kickboxed before, you know that for the whole duration of the workout, the entire body moves. Because of the constant movement, your muscles develop more definition with every session.
Self Defense

This is something not many workout plans have. Not only does it work to improve your mental and physical health, but it also equips you with self-defense techniques. The workout involves jabs and strikes that can be very useful in real life situations that call for self-defense. While other martial arts-inspired workouts come with a lot of frills that are useless outside the gym, kickboxing is pretty straightforward and useful all the way.

Weight Maintenance

Kickboxing will keep you moving with its high-intensity, high-impact routines. Your heart rate will go up, and of course, you’ll be shedding calories. An hour of kickboxing will burn about 750 calories, and it is said that this workout is the best way to reduce belly fat, which is associated with various medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Stress Management

Whether you’re harboring any negative emotions or you’re simply stressed out, punching away is always a great way to feel better. As we have mentioned earlier, kickboxing will have you moving all throughout the workout, and studies have proven how this helps combat depression, anxiety and even anger. Besides, the strong rush of endorphins – those feel-good hormones – is sure to keep those worries away.

Increased Endurance

Finally, if you’re looking for a workout that build endurance, kickboxing is it. Remember that kickboxing requires you to master your breathing during workout to keep it from getting winded. Thus, with the high level of cardio activity involved in this workout, you will strengthen not only your muscles but your lungs as well. This is indeed the total workout that people could be looking for nowadays.

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